The Scott Newton Archive is a unique photographic journey through the early days of the Austin music scene, through the lens of the long-time ACL TV photographer, Scott Newton.

Modern Rocks Gallery hosted a great reception with the #1 prints from their signed, limited edition collection, and of course free drink tastings to boot. Luckily these prints are now part of Modern Rock’s permanent collection and will be up on rotation in good company with their other incredible pieces of art (Nirvana Nevermind Cover Outtakes and previously unseen Guns N’ Roses prints come to mind).

We’re fans of double entendres and it seems gallery owner Steven Walker is as well, mixing rare and crisp fine art Rock photography with beautiful natural rocks, geodes and petrified stumps. It’s a welcoming experience and definitely worth a tour. Check out some photos from the Scott Newton opening reception below!

916 Springdale Road, Canopy Building 3, Unit 103, Austin, TX 78702
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12–6pm

Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin presents a curated collection of fine art rock ‘n’ roll photography with signed limited edition, museum-quality prints from award winning rock photographers. Learn more at


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