Houston rappers 3Bubble and J.Gray share a love and passion not just for making music, but also for supporting local Texas artists. They released their album “Pentagon Memoirs” this year which blends together classic hip-hop, funk, EDM, pop and soul genres. They achieve this through featuring a number of local Texan rappers, actors and singers to create this fusion of music and talent. They describe it as a project of unity, in the hopes to bring Texan artists together and show their support for their growing community.

As solo artists, both 3Bubble and J.Gray achieved success through determination and a passion for making music. This passion amplifies throughout “Pentagon Memoirs” with every new track. As I listened through, every song was completely different. “Bulletproof” fuses classic hip-hop lyrics with an electronic beat. As the song progresses, I even heard elements of trap, house and some old school scratching. On another side of the spectrum, “Don’t Lie” sounds more reminiscent of Outkast, with 3Bubble and J.Gray compatibly switching off rapping over a steady beat. As the album further continues, there is a never ending list of genres and musical influences. “Mac’n” featuring Kendal Untamed sounds like classic R&B while “Memoirs” featuring Kane, Dirty and Nasty, and Cabar could be played at a reggae concert. Though this mix-mash of genres seems overwhelming to listen to, I was pleasantly surprised at the cohesion of the entire record. 3Bubble and J.Gray have been able to make “Pentagon Memoirs” a unique sampling of various Houston artists all in one place.

The support of other artists is essential to progressing as a musician. Within their new album, 3Bubble and J.Gray have found a way to showcase the talents of a range of artists, in addition to themselves, to create music that covers a range of genres while authentically representing Houston hip-hop.

Listen to the full album below and keep up with 3Bubble and J.Gray on their Facebook page.


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