Lost in the Voice of Gert Taberner

As these cold winter days approach us, you can find comfort in soothing, poetic melodies from Gert Taberner. In September of this year, Gert released his Fallen EP with three new songs. The songs are a fusion of folk and pop, with Gert’s poetic songwriting at the core of each.

Though he is now located in New York, Gert spent most of his life growing up in Germany and later relocated to Vancouver, BC, to hone his musical skills. Through his lyrics, Gert expresses a myriad of emotions, including hope and disillusionment, while attempting to create a personal connection with listeners. He feels this level of intimacy has a backseat in our modern world.

gert-taberner-1The title track “Fallen” showcases Gert’s songwriting talent. The song is soft and slow, and eventually builds up to a sing-a-long outro reminiscent of The Lumineers. The accompanying music video shows a couple, now alone, lost in the memories of their relationship. As they recall their last argument, they start to yearn for one another and start running. As the song builds and they run, they find out that they are ultimately chasing nothing.

In Need” follows a similar formula as “Fallen.” It is a song filled with emotions, beautifully portrayed by Gert’s vocals, which ramp up as more instruments are added. The last song on the EP, titled “Places” is my favorite. It is slightly more upbeat than the others, almost sounding like a funk track. “Places” shows Gert’s vocal range, with many highs and lows as the song progresses.

The Fallen EP is short and sweet. Every song is filled with Gert’s honest and poetic lyrics, as well as his soothing voice, which creates a unique connection with listeners.

You can catch Gert at various shows around New York City. Follow him on Facebook for the most up to date news and releases.


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