How Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy Keep it Simple

The New Americana album The Miller Girl

What started out as a recording project for a wedding has blossomed into a complete album thanks to the musical skills of Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy. The duo came together to create the bluegrass and Americana inspired album, The Miller Girl, which they released just last month.

With Steve on vocals and guitar and musical prodigy Jake playing pretty much everything else, the album is bursting with catchy bluegrass songs that will make anyone feel like they are in the wide open country. Steve describes the album as “direct, simple, and to the point.” The goal of The Miller Girl is to show authenticity, which he feels is most apparent in the first three songs. As I listened to the album, each track did sound like classic Americana tune. With Jake on the banjo, you will want to slap your knees, tap your feet and maybe even get up and swing dance.

Classic Bluegrass Sounds

The video and single “The Miller Girl” is just about as classic bluegrass as it gets. Both the song and the video keep it simple, with both Steve and Jake playing their instruments in an open field. It is a love song filled with the country clichés: flower ring, front porch swing, and endless land stretching in all directions. Of course in the end Jake gets the “Miller Girl” aka the most beautiful girl in the nearby town.steve-hussey-and-jake-eddy

Most songs on the album keep the same classic sound. In “Little Shore” Jake busts out banjo riffs that will leave you in awe. The lyrics and vocals stay simple, as Steve and Jake attempt to make uncomplicated folk-inspired songs that just celebrate playing music.

You can keep up with Steve and Jake on their website. Look for new releases, upcoming shows and follow their musical ventures on their Facebook page.


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