The first time I came across Jon-Michael Frank‘s work was when browsing around the prints in Parts & Labour. I found one that struck a cord with me. It simply said “Avocados are cool, but people are dying.” After that, I knew I had to contact him to ask him to be a part of Almost Real Things. I felt nervous even emailing him since I admired his work so much.

Jon-Michael takes ordinary and mundane life experiences and adds a humorous twist by simply speaking the truth. Maybe at times it is depressing or unexpected, but by the end of the day it is real. His illustrations depict what many think but never say. They are simple drawings and phrases but hold so much power and above all, make me laugh.

Jon-Michael Frank is the author of How’s Everything Going? Not Good, a book of poetic comics currently available on his website. You can find his prints online as well as in local art shops, such as Parts & Labour around Austin.

Jon-Michael Frank - A Lot of Things to Do Jon-Michael Frank - Cat Life Jon-Michael Frank - Follow Your Heart Jon-Michael Frank - Golf


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