Emily Morris, Painter

Emily Morris is happiest when covered in paint.

Since graduating from Texas State University in 2007 she has been exploring portraiture, surrealism, and splatters, drips and smears. Her custom portraits are influenced by Pop art and pop-culture experimenting with unique figure-ground relationships.

Her more current work borders on abstraction as she plays with motion and texture to evoke memories of nature and human emotion.

Her first featured piece, Alive, is accompanied by a poem.

Emily was featured in our second issue. See more on her website, or Instagram!

Emily Morris - Alive


Grass grows through my toes
As I melt into Earth
She created the Sun
To sprout me to life

Eyes flower toward the sea
And the salt stings my cuts
My blood pumping blue
Through my living heart

My insides stay glued
In a box near the water
She put it all there
To sustain my life

Taking some blood
Out of me to the ocean
To mix with the water
Of the Earth as it breathes


Emily Morris - Deborah


Emily Morris - Bowie


Emily Morris


Emily Morris


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