Although Tipsy in Chelsea came together after tragic circumstances, they have been able to maintain their music making relationship across long distances.

The duo released their new album Gaslighter this past March filled with slow, melodic tracks that deal with a range of subject matter.

Tipsy in Chelsea is the creative collaboration of Dean Falcone and Trish Thompson. Dean hails from Connecticut and Trish from Georgia, but they crossed paths after playing a tribute song for a mutual friend that passed away. From that point on, they found collaboration to come easy, and continued making songs from afar.


Tipsy-in-Chelsea-in-StudioGaslighter combines the musical influences that both Dean and Trish admire. It is a fusion of 60s and 70s pop music, lounge and boss nova, and classic easy listening. From the first song “Laugh Until I Cry,” any listener can tell that this album is one to sit back and take in casually and comfortably. Most of the songs are down tempo, incorporating echoes of strings and woodwinds to give the album a classic Americana feel. Gaslighter includes two covers, Badfinger’s “Day After Day” and “Precious to Me” originally performed by Phil Seymour. The underlying themes that run throughout the album all deal with the challenges of life. That is what makes each song so relatable. This includes love, loss, relationships, and struggles both internal and with others.

When asked about working long distance, Trish says it can be tough but gratifying. Both members get the chance to work when they are inspired, instead of being tied to a rigid schedule. Funny enough, Trish and Dean may have been able to sustain the band because they haven’t been given the chance to get sick of one another yet. Though they have to work a little harder to keep the ideas flowing, Tipsy in Chelsea have proved that great music can be made no matter what the circumstances.


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