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I have been told my music sounds very cinematic, like a horror movie soundtrack. I think I agree though I don’t really write my music with that in mind. Most of the time when I start writing a new track I just make a few rules for myself—tempo, key, and what gear I want to use—and just see what I come up with.


Gear is my albatross. I have a synth addiction. I love synths with lots of controls. Old
synths, new synths, analog or digital, I want it all. I think my favorite bit of gear has to be my Octatrack. It is the thing that lets me get away from the computer screen when making music.


Inflatable Robot Live

I have the Elektron Octatrack acting as the brains of my live rig. It handles drums, sequencing, sampling of the gear I perform with, and gives me lots of live performance control. I have a DSI Pro 2 for my live synth duties so I can play some keys and twist knobs. I also have a DSI Mopho keyboard running into a Banshee 2 for my talkbox sound. I feel like adding the talkbox has really helped with my live performance as it allows people to see and hear what I am doing. It does a good job of giving people something to watch besides just some guy on stage twisting knobs.

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The Cookbook with Inflatable Robot: Silhouette Puppets
Inflatable Robot – Silhouette Puppets


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