You may have heard once or twice before that rock n’ roll is dead.

You may have noticed that music no longer requires a true musical instrument when your laptop has the right software. Or you may have even noticed how infrequently you’ll catch something like a guitar solo on your local ‘Today’s Hits’ radio station. Luckily, the statement about whether rock and roll is dead or alive is quite arguable, especially after hearing Madison, Wisconsin’s very own, The Begowatts, shred it on their new EP, Grand Charade.

The Begowatts have that kind of sound that’s meant to be blasted at full volume.

Grand Charade is a batch of 6 songs – all heavy on the guitar and set deep in the soul of classic rock. Similar to their first album, Photoelectric, it summons a generous influence of 1970s and blues. However, this time around The Begowatts touched on some surf-punk instrumentals, as well as cutting it sharp on garage rock. The lead singer emphasizes his rugged vocals in tracks like “Kids On Parole”, and “The Road.” Both of these songs call for an urge for freedom and breaking away from restriction. The Begowatts have that kind of sound that’s meant to be blasted at full volume. As a whole, the EP it is consistent with its atmospheric power which ought to echo through the speakers. Grand Charade is go-getting and loud, and it means business.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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