Shaniah Paige, an Illinois based artist, brings her elegance and youthful spirit to her music.

She has a charming take on whirling country infused with the catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes of pop music. “Mysterious Boy” is a feel good song for sure. It runs through all the thoughts in this young girl’s head when a certain boy catches her eye —and she may have caught his as well. The song and music video tell of all the reasons why this stranger is drawing her attention and she can’t help effortlessly crushing on him. Paige is not shy when it comes to honesty. She uses simple, straightforward lyrics throughout the track which make it undoubtedly relatable to her listeners.

To pair with the delightfulness of the track itself, the music video completes the high-spirited and endearing impression Paige has achieved. While the lyrics may give off the idea that she has yet to even speak to this boy,  the music video foresees a glimpse of what she hopes is right around the corner for their future. It follows a 1950’s retro theme with locations such as a diner where Paige is the waitress behind the counter, arcade games in which they play together, and of course, muscle cars. There is a reoccurring presentation of the colors red, white, and blue throughout the scenery. It captures the flirtatious beginnings of a new relationship with an Americana spin and ends on a light-hearted note as the two young lovers run off together. Shaniah Paige may be young, but she has a way of showing she knows what she wants, and proves it in her music. “Mysterious Boy” is worth a watch for an uplifting tale of young romance.

Written by Carrigan Drallos


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