Owkey & Trove Mix Up a Sentimental Yet Danceable Melodic Hip-Hop Track

Denmark based electronic producer Owkey teams up with his Australian counterpart Trove to create a sentimental yet danceable melodic hip hop track to close out the year’s playlist.

Highly begins as a soft, unassuming piano ballad about a lost loved one and gently transitions as the beat creeps in to deliver an infectious dancehall beat that drives the chorus forward. Coming in at under three minutes, the duo’s pop sensibility will leave you hitting replay for another round.

Owkey’s tight production and Trove’s crisp vocals blend incredibly to put this track in that rare middle ground where it would play out just as fun in the club as it would on a long drive with your friends. Highly is a breath of fresh air in a seemingly endless list of maximalist bass/hip-hop concoctions and we’re excited to see what these two mix up next!

About the artists

Owkey Owkey burst onto the scene with his massive hit “Know Yourself” that received rave reviews and has garnered almost 1,000,000 plays on Spotify. Known for his minimalistic hip hop tracks and ability to create catchy melodies, the talented producer is already turning heads his way.

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Trove is a multi-talented producer who is able to sing, write and produce all of his own music. The Australian native received the nod from Heroic Recordings and is now making his debut on Epicure. He has moved to LA to pursue his creative career full time.

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