Taste what we taste.

Welcome to Bar None, where we’ll explore the flavors of Austin’s seasons in each quarterly issue. With fall upon us, let’s dive into the aromatic flavors of the Spicy Autumn Splash. Enjoy over ice or warm like a Hot Toddy to usher in memories of cozy holidays past.

Fall Favorite: Spicy Autumn Splash


Liquor of Choice

Get a little ice in your shaker and pour a shot of Revolution Spirits Austin Reserve Gin.

21 Orange

Modifying Character

Slice half your orange and squeeze out an ounce or so of fresh juice into the mix.

31tbsp Honey

Modifying Character

Dissolve a tablespoon of honey into a bit of hot water and pour into the mix.

41 dash Ground Nutmeg

Special Flavor

Add a dash of ground nutmeg, give it a shake and strain into a highball glass.

51 Cinnamon Stick

Special Flavor

Add a cinnamon stick and an orange peel twist for garnish and enjoy!


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