Your summer won’t be complete without Austin Coleman’s upcoming release of his LP, Long Mile Home.

The Atlanta-based singer songwriter will be coming out with an authentic country music album that dips itself into a refreshing pool of both pop and rock as it swims through the summer. Check out his already released single, “The Change,” to get a feel for Coleman’s classic honeyed style melodies.

“Long Mile Home just might be the album to jam to with the windows down as we drive into the fall.”

With such an upbeat sound of the drums behind Coleman’s deeply smooth vocals, it’s not hard to find yourself swaying alongside his music. But it’s not just the sound or the melody that makes his single, “The Change,” unique. Coleman has a way his lyrics that will really touch home. It is a reminder of who you used to be, where you are now, and who you aim to become one day. “I can find my way to start again. A time, a place, my original sin.”

Time to Make a Change

From the verses in “The Change,” it seems as if Coleman is on the path to finding his own way. “I convinced my heart to recommit to the shell it’s called it’s home. It’s been neglected for so long.” He’s pondering at his past and taking a glance into the future he wishes to make for himself. “The Change” opens up a hopeful curiosity when things will finally, well, change.

It’s for those moments when you just felt that you have had enough, and you’re tired, but you haven’t lost sight of optimism and self-encouragement even if you have no idea where or when it is coming.

If the rest of the album, Long Mile Home is anything like “The Change,” (which surely it will be), I will deem it the perfect end-of-summer collection. Austin Coleman and his take on country-pop, along with his sure feel for folk-rock, make for an all around blissful future.

Long Mile Home just might be the album to jam to with the windows down as we drive into the fall.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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