From the heart of New York comes glammed out art rocker, Ghost X Gardens. The new single, “Hittin the Bricks”, is like a glimpse back to the heyday at the Chelsea Hotel, where he spent a permanent residency and wrote/recorded this track.

Drunken and fun, “Hittin the Bricks” carries you, stumbling, through the halls into the show. You can imagine the likes of Lou Reed and Andy Warhol judging the scene from a smoke ridden booth. Streetwise and aware of it, the horns lift you as you stumble through this three minute party. With lyrics like “And I couldn’t tell if the Chelsea Hotel is all that it seems,” give you a sense that this night, while one to remember, is also one to regret.

Three minutes in and you reach the end of the night. The time when the room starts to clear (and spin) and you begin to think about life. Here, the song moves into a history lesson turned flashback turned love letter to New York. With a few verses by the Chelsea Hotel’s own Storme’ DeLarverie. Presenting her as the true matriarch of the hotel. She sings, vocals isolated, into the end. This is the mother’s lullaby that woos you to sleep in the highest praise possible.

Drunken and fun, “Hittin the Bricks” carries you, stumbling, through the halls into the show.

While the song could truly be split in two, one end would not be the same without the other. It is a love letter to nights like these, regrettable nights, a lost era. “Hittin the bricks” does it’s research and pays a true homage while wearing it’s heroes on it’s sleeve.

Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea is an album for romantics. It’s the look in the mirror after you’ve had the night of your life. If you enjoy artistic looks back on the past such as this, then this is fully an album for you.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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