If you’ve ever wanted to travel to space via music, look no further than the new album And the Stars Above from innovative Italian duo ARMONITE.

This is a rock opera worthy trip.

It goes through the space and time of a midnight sky. Recently signed onto LA label, Cleopatra Records, the duo is successfully exploring the Neo-Classical genre through their fusion of indie electro, avant rock and baroque pop.

ARMONITE has already made a name and garnered much attention from releasing their renditions of modern theme songs for Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Metal Gear Solid.

Getting Lost in “Clouds Collide”

For me, the stand out track would undoubtedly have to be “Clouds Collide”. It’s a lush and haunting track featuring poetic lyrics, sung from a gentle and delicate voice. The song begins with the verse,

“Look at the cherry-tree we used to climb. It’s grown old, never seemed the same. Took us countless sheaves of avid paper to draw some future new horizon. How did we start blooming?”

The words are both longing and lost. The soft yet repetitive keys throughout the track keep you in your place of longing to know the closure the singer seeks. We eventually get that closure within the last verse,

“Back when the morning bell would keep me up to go for a secret dawn safely untold. Next day your letter on my window sill. We leave a stainless space of dreaming marking time with a fragrance of love.”

These words find comfort in the past, as does the sonic arrangement that ends the song.

ARMONITE’s And the Stars Above, is a spaced out masterpiece of innovation. It’s both weird and wild but delicate and introspective.

Written by: Carrigan Drallos


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