Though we looooove the medium of print, we understand it has limitations.

One challenge we face is finding new ways to feature the pleathora of musicians (in Austin and beyond) that submit their music with each call for art. We tried adding mini speakers and taping individual USBs to each issue but that just wasn’t cost effective.

We want our readers to not only learn about theses artists but also be able to experience their work. Enter our solution: the newest addition to our website, our bi-monthly feature, Artists to Hear.

This month we’re featuring five new musical artists that dabble in different genres. So read along, follow your favorites and discover something new to listen to!

1Dub Equis

Austin multi-genre fusion band Dub Equis is the stage name and collaborative music project created by producer, composer, and musician, Derek Moorhead.

The term “collaborative project” is accurate, considering the fact that Dub Equis combines electronic beats and synths with acoustic drums, viola, saxophone, guitar, piano and heavy dub effects.

Their album, DE.1, is a mix of mesmerizing tracks like, “Gnossienne,” alongside sax-heavy dance beats like “House of Sax”. It’s a ride through different genres, influences and feelings each time a new song plays.

Though they’re new on the scene, Dub Equis’s live show is already one not to be missed. It’s a rare experience to see a viola player, producer, drummer, and saxophone player all seamlessly perform together. It’s an ensemble made for a theater, which is why it’s so impressive that they can command the same stoic attention even when playing at a local bar on Rainey.

Core members: Derek Moorhead (Production/Composition, Beats, Bass Guitar, Synths), Corinne Zappler (Viola), Tina Bartolucci (Sax, Vocals), Tim Ochsenreither (Drums).

@dub.equis| Website | Youtube

2Sammy G

Local musician Sammy G released the first single off of his debut EP, Home Suite, at the beginning of this year.

He spent the last year recording and mixing the EP, an experience he calls his “first serious recorded effort as a human and as Sammy G.” First time or not, Home Suite is home to five impressive indie folk tracks led by his strong vocals.

Sammy G’s soothing voice is at the forefront of each song, making tracks like “Back Home” and “Seasons” so enjoyable to listen to, I didn’t even notice that they were on repeat.

@goodoldsammyg| Bandcamp


Blacklight, a local hip-hop artist, is set on climbing the charts without the help of a major record label.

His mix of intellectual lyrics, infectious beats and meticulous production showcase his dedication to the craft. This is apparent in the 2018 EP, Greatest, a mix of four powerful tracks that give listeners a full spectrum of what he describes as alternative hip hop.

“Skyline” is a prime example of the collaboration Blacklight is bringing to the scene. The beat itself, made by local producer Wisüchee, is heavily influenced by electronic music, while the melodic chorus, featuring Aline, rounds out the song. The accompanying video, which premiered last month, gives us a brief look behind the scenes at the studio and in between the familiar Austin skyline.

@blacklight_hip_hop| Website | Soundcloud

4Tyler Brunner

Local performer Tyler Brunner has a passion he can’t contain. Since moving from Maryland to Austin a few years ago, Tyler has pursued acting, singing and songwriting.

His ethereal voice resonates in his soulful songs “Passion” and “My Life on Sale.” They are a mix of synth pop, chill wave and R&B music. He even adds a layer of electric guitar in for good measure.

The full library of songs available of Tyler’s Soundcloud are a glimpse at his versatility as a performer. With one click you hear a songs tailor-made for Broadway. If you scroll farther down, you’ll find yourself reliving the glory of pop-punk days. The possibilities for a triple threat like Tyler are endless.

@tylerbrunnermusic| Website | Soundcloud

5Bay Station

California Americana music project Bay Station brings their nautical ventures to your ears with their series of music and sailing videos called Love the Bay.

They set sail in January of this year, dodging rainstorms during the Super Blood Wolf Moon. The two-month long project produced videos of intimate acoustic performances and conversations set against the beautiful background of the San Francisco Bay.

Bay Station also released a music video for their song “Trickster Moon,” which combined the footage of the voyage and a drawing made by the lead singer, Deborah. Their music is fun, folksy and certainly a top pick for tunage the next time you find yourself in a sailboat.

Core members: Deborah Crooks, Kwame Copeland (singer/songwriters)

@baystationband| Website | Patreon

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