Issue 10 contributor Adrienne Hodge layers different types of inks to create her signature ethereal style.

The theme for Issue 10 is Material. Can you share more about the materials you use to create your art?

I combine various types of inks in an effort to achieve a wide variety of transparent and translucent layers of color. I enjoy manipulating the behavior of these inks despite the fact that they do not always interact well together. The acrylic ink has synthetic material in it, while the walnut ink is naturally derived. In addition, many of the calligraphy inks I use contain shellac. So, it creates a struggle as I work, because the multiple layers I apply often sit on top of each other rather than mixing together.

Adrienne Hodge - Sir Rigby and Indigo
Adrienne Hodge – Sir Rigby and Indigo

Using aquabord as my surface is what saves me! It allows me to lift layers of colors back out again even after they have dried for several days. I generally use two types of brushes – large mops and small liners. My favorite paintbrush is a 10/0 size liner.

I often consider my works to be more drawn than painted, because I am using my liner brush to draw ink layers on in great detail. I also collect vintage inks which I sparingly apply in small amounts or mix in with my modern materials. This, I believe, is what informs the ethereal aesthetic in my work.

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