Tomas shares his “secret recipe” for a great track within his scene. It’s less about the formula and more about the tools and workflow to expose tips and inspiration!


Lizarazo Headshot by Taylor Freeman

Experimental beat music but my friends describe my sound as space music. I jump around tempos from 70–160bpm—mostly decided by how fast I want the high-hats. I’m from Colombia so I get inspired by percussion the most. That’s where the story and energy comes from.


I went to school for classical guitar so I usually start there with loops. My first synth Novation Bass Station still really punches for bass sounds. Korg Minilogue is the best sounding cheap synth you can get. Also the Roland JU-06A synth and stock Ableton synths like Operator and Wavetable are great. Ableton Push has been a game changer for workflow and creativity. I use Splice for samples or my Shure SM7B mic to record organic sounds.


I perform a beat set with my laptop and APC40, only playing music I’ve produced. Producers are on the front lines these days so I try to focus on playing high energy sets. I want people to dance—it’s about creating joy through sound. For each song I export rhythm, low-end, pads/harmony, and melody in separate tracks. Then I can harmonically blend tracks in new ways every set. I’d love to translate my songs into full band format. I’ve performed like that in the past and it always turns into a dance party.

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Blackout Artwork: Lindsay Stevens, @yasdnilsnevets

Lizarazo is Tomas Salazar, representing a musical legacy, a torch passed down to him through generations of musicians in his family.

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