Fashion artist Vogue Vignette puts style to paper. With a swift stroke of her pen, she is able to capture the essence of people based on what they are wearing.

It’s true. I have my very own illustration from Vogue Vignette when she drew me after I posed for less than a minute. It was at our We Got Issues party so I was running around like a maniac.

Illustration from Fashion Artist Vogue Vignette
Different Then

Vogue Vignette, also known as Stephanie Jimenez Schiller, is a fashion artist based in Austin, TX. She’s an artist we know well actually. We interviewed Stephanie for Issue 13: Identity and she created SXSW inspired fashion sketches depicting almost real styles.

For Issue 18 Surreal // So Real, we featured Vogue’s newest series, Alice in Gucci. The series reimagines the childhood story of Alice in Wonderland in a surreal world reshaped by fashion.

Tell us more about yourself.

I work under the name Vogue Vignette, which is a creative studio that specializes in editorial artwork, fashion illustration education and live art for events. My artwork is inspired by fashion and tends to focus on diversity and female empowerment.

Illustration from Fashion Artist Vogue Vignette
Down, down, down (left), Tweedles in Gucci (right)
How do you create your work?

By using my background in fashion illustration, this series aims to fill the lack of cultural representation throughout history and literature. I started painting these vignettes to learn more about and be inspired by women who looked like me.

“Before I sketch a concept, I absorb myself in the person I’m going to paint.”

Their struggles, their humanity and the other worldly talent they possessed is translated into a whimsical gouache watercolor painting. Many of the pieces incorporate intricate line work that has become a subtle nod to a Mexican heritage that I am still learning more about.

Support Vogue Vignette & check out more work! (You can even book her services at an event)

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