Time to dance, chill, vibe and discover new music.

We’re constantly searching for new music. Between Zach being a DJ and my time as a radio host, we’ve developed an affinity for the hunt.

Living in Austin also gives us access to tons of undiscovered artists, all with their own unique musical expression. In this month’s edition of Artists to Hear, we’re highlighting five of the musicians & musical groups we can’t stop listening to.

Listen along and get ready to add some new music to your repertoire.

1Primo the Alien

We don’t just search for our Artists to Hear inside of Austin, we also explore outside our universe.

That’s where we were introduced to Primo the Alien, the extraterrestrial alter ego of singer-songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Laura Lee Bishop. Their synth pop-fused dance tunes make us want to move.

Primo writes and produces each song, herself, with a unique blend of humor and drama that leaves listeners captivated. With eccentric bravado, compelling intensity, and colossal production style, Primo the Alien delivers the punch music fans of all genres have been oh-so-eagerly anticipating.

Primo’s EP, The Heart On the Run, is scheduled for digital release on June 4th 2021. Also, this awesome featured image for the article was photographed by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz.

Instagram | Website | Youtube

2Noella Grey & The Imaginary Band

Noella Grey and the Imaginary Band is a powerful duo of soul-driven rock.

Their full album Two Little Birds is filled with unexpected love songs, self-reflective lyrics and a blend of soft and hard that keeps listeners guessing what’s next.

The group is the collaborative effort of two local independent musical artists, Noella Grey and Tony Jackomis (stage name the Imaginary Band).

“We have been writing and recording music for about two years and are very excited to have finally released our first album together and to start work on the second album. Our music is a mix of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, and Classic Rock. The two of us mix our influences together when writing and create a new musical genre. We’ve been calling this new genre “Distortion Pop”.”

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Psych-rock duo BLUEOX channels the spirit of 70’s era Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Fela Kuti to create their layered compositions.

This is heard prominently in the Pink Floyd cover “Fearless,” released last year alongside a corresponding video created with a local artist. Throughout the video you’ll see how Rohitash Rao meticulously hand-painted over 3,700 individual frames over one canvas.

Their visual storytelling continued with the release of their newest single, “Whatever It Is” in March of this year. The film by Austin Ciezko is a surreal experience, paired perfectly with intense guitar solos and psychedelic vocals.

Instagram | Website | Youtube

4Alisha Raval

Versatile singer/song-writer Alisha Raval can adapt her voice to any genre.

As you listen through her discography you’ll find everything–an electronic-infused dance track, a harmonious beach tune, a holiday remix and most recently her R&B driven songs including last year’s release, “Fancy Dreams”.

“Music has been my escape for as long as I can remember, I grew up in choirs and playing piano. Now, I produce, write songs and sing to turn all my creations to life through music, music videos, art, etc. It’s been a blast sharing my life through art with the world and can’t wait to release what’s in store.”

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5Castle Club

Three-piece psychedelic band Castle Club has been busy writing and recording their shoe gaze punk-inspired garage rock for the past year.

Their live album, Dead at Ghostspace, released this past January, makes it easy to rock out in the middle of your living room while waiting for concerts to make a comeback.

“Our music sits somewhere between the krautrock and punk freakouts of Thee Oh Sees, and the more melodic tendencies of Ty Segall, with some shoegaze textures. Our music is varied, but we see this as a feature and not a bug.”

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