Our ART Club community is filled with amazing creators, makers and doers.

We featured five of them in Issue 19 “Make/Do,” to highlight the work they’ve been putting in to pursue their passions.

These creators capture our Make/Do theme perfectly. They are all dedicated to pushing through challenges, making it work and inspiring others to do the same.

1Mixed Marcie

During the past year Mixed Marcie (Marcie Dodd) has exemplified the Make/Do theme–overcoming, using what she has within arms reach to create, and continuing to make art no matter what.

The last year has been rough for us all, but battling breast cancer during a pandemic was a feat I never expected.

The loneliness was real, even when I had a great support system by phone.

My artwork has always been my life line, so I am not surprised that it was during this time, too. During chemo, I couldn’t stand by an easel because I was exhausted, and sitting on the floor in front of a big painting made me hurt.

So I switched to more of a watercolor based mixed media style that I could literally create from bed and really found a way to continue to express myself while dealing with major health concerns.

See more of Mixed Marcie’s art in Issue 11+12 & online on our list of Surreal Artists to Watch.

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TreeGarden is Cultivating Collaborative Community through Nature + Education + Art + Wellness + Outreach.

Located in East Austin, TreeGarden hosts a variety of creative programs + special events curated to nurture + inspire our collaborative community.

TreeGarden’s mission is to provide a magical canvas where people can share their special gifts with the world through:

  • Art Shows
  • Live Music events
  • Creative workshops
  • Outreach Opportunities – we partner with non-profits and donate a portion of sales to their organization

While starting a new one-woman owned + operated adventure in the midst of a pandemic has been a HUGE challenge, seeing the smiles on everyone’s face when they visit TreeGarden keeps me going.

It is truly beautiful and inspiring to witness the collaborative community that has grown at TreeGarden!

Don’t miss our Issue 19 celebration hosted at TreeGarden on June 12th!

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3Red Moth Art

Red Moth (Kimberly Grau) created a mini comic and companion kimono jacket after learning of Issue 19’s Make/Do theme. These creations are inspired by the capriciousness, cruelty and even beauty of the weather and of life.

Since we mere mortals can’t control the weather, we can only persevere as it changes. And even if we can’t choose what we are given, sometimes you can still create something beautiful out of darkness.

Keeping in that spirit, the jacket was made from left over remnant fabric. I only had enough to make a cropped shrug size. And it’s really rough in texture, to contrast with the softness of the rainbow.

The kanji character in the middle says ‘Persevere’. In rain, storms and rainbows.

Check out Red Moth’s ethereal fashion show hosted at Art Island during our Virtual Vacation.

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4Floral Sea

Fashionably Reinventing Sustainable Streetwear in ATX, founded by Tenille West.

Launched in SS’21, FLORAL SEA is an independent streetwear label that is redefining the fashion and beauty narrative through showcasing price-, size-, and gender-inclusive collections in a designer context, empowering all forms of beauty through responsibly-made clothing.

At F|S, we are restyling the image of sustainable clothing and ‘fashionably reinventing’ a whole new culture that unapologetically celebrates the diverse beauty within the black community, artistic expression, and (of course) a floral obsession.

F|S goes beyond establishing a fashion statement in proving that sustainable streetwear is more than a style choice.

Sustainable fashion is not a privilege, but an opportunity designed for ALL people to feel empowered and celebrated for their individuality.

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5Giant Letter

A giant boy who shares giant letters and notes to lift strangers’ hearts up.

As part of an annual art installation, this giant 12ft letter from a boy named Bobby is accompanied by a 12ft microscope and an 8ft book on the solar system.

The book houses a miniature planet under a microscope-slide which sits on the cover. The sculptures are not giant to Bobby because he himself is a giant, but they serve to create an immersive atmosphere for anyone who stands among them. When you happen upon the installation, you become a miniature witness to a moment in a giant boy’s world.

The installations are imagined, written and built by Giant Letter. We invite you to share your experience of Bobby’s world by leaving a comment in his mailbox at 1312 Broadmoor Drive, Austin, TX 78723.

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