No matter how many issues we complete, it can never compare to writing a novel.

Let alone, a whole trilogy! We’re leaving that to Sasha DeVore, author of the sci-fi young adult series The Wake Trilogy.

We featured Sasha in Issue 18 “Surreal // So Real” and she gave us insight into the process of creating a whole new world. We also delved into her journey as an artist during our second Virtual Vacation.

Needless to say, we can’t get enough of Sasha, which is why we’ll be attending her Trilogy Bash to get all of our books signed in person!

We know you’ll RSVP too, especially as you read ahead to learn more about the series.

Why are you interested in the sci-fi genre?

I’ve always loved dystopia, fiction and fantasy. Reading was my escape while growing up in foster care. Everything around me was crazy, so dystopia caught my attention because it mirrored my own world. Things aren’t right, people are misunderstood or misrepresented. The characters felt relatable, especially when the people in charge aren’t making best decisions.

How do you create all of these fictional places?

My ideas aren’t random, they are an attempt to look at the world we’re living in now, and see it as the three ring circus that it is. I look at the world and systems that don’t work. What happens in the book is represented in a surreal way, as a reflection of the real world. It helps me reflect and vent about it.

“I like the freedom of truly expressing myself and my own ideas.”

Why do you create “surreal work”?

It makes me feel like I’m in control of something. In this world I created, I have complete and total control of the characters and how it ends. It gives me a lot of satisfaction. Every artist gets satisfaction from getting to control the end product. It’s liberating.

Does having this freedom make it difficult?

It depends on the time of day that I’m writing. Sometimes it’s super easy because I get to take my own ideas and hunches and run with them as far as I want. It’s difficult when I don’t have a connection to the idea, because I have to make things up. Mainly, I like the freedom of truly expressing myself and my own ideas.

Has writing this trilogy helped you deal with things your past?

I think the tie between writing books and the past is a positive thing. It’s a healing thing. Growing up not in control makes you find a way to be in control; that’s exactly what writing a book is, you’re in control of everything. I can capture the feeling of stability and work through relationships.

What character are you most like?

Hanu, the teacher and protector. He’s constantly trying even though he doesn’t always get it right. At the end of the day, he has the right intentions and is always learning. His heart is in the right spot.

How Did you feel when you were writing the final book?

Extremely nervous, even more so than with the first book. I was nervous about making it satisfying for everyone involved. I want readers to feel empowered, to get the same feeling as I did when I was young and finishing a series.

Which character are you? Take the quiz!

1. What’s your best quality?
  • (A)   I’m a go-getter.
  • (B)   I’m fearless.
  • (C)   I’m go with the flow.
  • (D)   I’m wise.
2. Your best friend was captured by some bad guys. What do you do?
  • (A)   Sacrifice yourself to save them.
  • (B)   Figure out who’s butt we’re kicking.
  • (C)   See if the situation works itself out.
  • (D)   Wait until the time is right to make your move.
3. What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear?
  • (A)   Things with sentimental value.
  • (B)   Combat boots.
  • (C)   Whatever’s comfortable.
  • (D)   Formal garments.
4. How do you spend your free time?
  • (A)   Helping others.
  • (B)   Working out.
  • (C)   Kick back and chill.
  • (D)   Self-care and meditation.
5. What life motto do you most agree with?
  • (A)   “A good friend never lets you down.”
  • (B)   “Kick butt first, take names later.”
  • (C)   “You only live once!”
  • (D)   “Follow your gut.”
6. What are you most afraid of?
  • (A)   Being helpless
  • (B)   Being lied to
  • (C)   Being made fun of
  • (D)   Having your talents suppressed
Count your answers. If you’ve got mostly:

(A) You’re Hanu! He doesn’t think twice about saving his friends, even if it means putting himself at risk. Selfless and brave, but sometimes just a little impulsive, the young hero believes everyone deserves to be freed from the Ancient Ones’ tyranny.

(B) You’re Sadie! She’s a tough girl with a fiery temper, and she’s not afraid to call anyone out when she thinks they’re trying to pull one over on her. A warrior at heart, she’ll punch her way out of any situation, but thankfully her anger is directed mostly at the Ancient Ones.

(C) You’re Akesh! This quirky guy doesn’t take life too seriously. Akesh goes with the flow, and doesn’t make a big deal of things because he trusts his friends will take care of the baddies. He indulges in life, and has no regrets in case the Ancient Ones win!

(D) You’re Ester! Quiet and thoughtful, Ester is always on the lookout for ways to help her friends. She’s naturally intuitive, so she often knows what’s going to happen, but waits until just the right time to reveal her hand.

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