Need some new music?

We always do. Whether it’s discovering local artists to showcase in our upcoming events, browsing through Spotify to add to our on-going playlists, or just wanting to pump up the energy of our work sessions, we’re always on the hunt for emerging musicians.

Now we want to share some of our favorites with you. In this month’s edition of Artists to Hear, we’re highlighting five musicians that we can’t stop listening to.

This is your chance to discover them as well, and add some new music to your repertoire.

1Fertility House

After watching Fertility House pump up the crowd at our Issue 15 Celebration, we were hooked.

Blending pop, garage and surf, Fertility House brings a welcomed sense of familiarity and optimism through upbeat music while nesting lyrics of reflection on the bright and grim of life without taking themselves too seriously.

They started playing together in 2018. In that year, they released their self-recorded titular album. Now in 2021, they are anticipating the release of their second full-length album Dust.

@fertilityhouse | Website

2ANastasia Hera

We’ve been swimming in the melodic rap of Austin artist Anastasia Hera ever since her single “Big Tuna” dropped in June.

As a rap artist and vocalist who gives an ode to the rap culture that she grew up listening to, Anastasia offers a confident delivery and fluid enunciation. With influences from hip-hop greats like A Tribe Called Quest and or Jay-Z, she is collected and clever, and unapologetically exudes her confidence and big energy throughout this new body of work.

The new EP entitled “This is Anastasia” was released on May 20, 2021 and single “Big Tuna” was released in late June.

@anastasia_hera_  // Website

3Dez Money

To answer your question, we’re listening Dez!

Dez Money is a singer-songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California. Dez was raised in a musical family as the son of multi-platinum recording artist, Eddie Money.

Growing up surrounded by musical inspiration, the younger Money also plays piano, synth, guitar, bass, and drums. His debut album, Take Me Down was released in 2015, followed by his sophomore album, Blue in 2020.

“Lost” is the opening track to Dez’s new album. On this album, he aims to show his versatility as an artist. In the studio, he made it a goal to produce different types of songs than what he had done before. The song “Lost” invites the listener into his new world.

While you’re listening, also check out his new single, “Give Me All You Got,” that dropped in July.

@dezmoneymusic // Website


“Waves” from NA!RA is the culmination of virtual collaboration with five creatives from across the world.

The beautiful single explores her personal relationship journey in love and forgiveness.

NA!RA is an award-winning recording artist, filmmaker and creative director. As a Nigerian-American creative, her music embodies the renaissance of passionate music and culture exchange.

“The sexy yet enigmatic song is a reminder to be gentle with yourself and most importantly, if two people are meant to be, they will find their way back to each other eventually. After all, forgiveness is an act of freedom and so is love.”

@fearlesslynaira | Website

5Whole Damn Mess

LA-based band Whole Damn Mess packs a punch in their catchy single, “Nothing In The World Feels Better.”

The group’s collaborative songwriting style, artistic connection, and collective years of experience is part of what makes this band a standout.

Their new song “Nothing In The World Feels Better” was mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Mark Needham [The Killers, Imagine Dragons] on the track a propulsive beat glides underneath warm guitars before a hypnotic chant takes hold with a straightforward, yet poignant message. “This moment could be as good as any moment you’re ever going to get, and it could be the last,” Katz explains. “So, nothing in the world is better than that.”

@wholedamnmess // Website

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