Saira Holland’s paintings act as windows meant for both her and the viewer to peer in and connect with one another.

Saira specializes in a multitude of mediums including oil portraiture, acrylic and illustration. Her passion lies in making connections with people through my work and making art accessible to everyone. Her art is the driving force for these bonds.


In Issue 20 “Combo,” we featured Saira’s colorful paintings to show the combination of mythology, psychology and pure imagination.

You described “combo” as puzzle pieces but I think of these pieces fitting together to build something of a structure. Building blocks or stones fitting together to construct the Temple of Self.


My stones include: early graphic arts movements such as nouveau and deco surrealism, religious iconography, particularly in stained glass windows, science and cosmology, combining modern and old concepts and styles, quarantine dreams and cosmos as spirituality to name a few.

“Art is transcendental. I shift into that other world when I create.”

With each visit, I bring new stones of insight and passion, new building blocks to raise up this Temple of Self. There is a foundation built of memory and experience, floors planked and tiled with guidance and lessons from artistic parents, teachers and friends.


The walls are framed with knowledge and constructed stone by stone, slowly containing Self like home. And my art acts as the windows, allowing you to peer in and catch glimpses of all that I am and as you peer in, I see a small part of you. It is here we meet. It is here we share each other.

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