Austin virtual reality artist Topher Sipes mixes analog methods and virtual drawing to create surreal depictions of nature.

Topher dabbles in a range of digital art making. This includes public art, fabrication design, graphic design, projection performance, dance and environmental interpretation to name a few.

Photo by Joey Cruz, @cruzpix

His virtual and surreal artworks were on display at our Combo Celebration and can be found in the pages of Issue 20’s Artist Spotlight.

My work is particularly inspired by ecological fluid dynamics.

Dragon Portal

I play “visual instruments” by creating visual art with the approach of an improvisational musician or dancer. I guide digital mediums with analog articulation. For example, I combine the following: volumetric drawing & sculpting in virtual reality, 3D printing, sampled textures and abstraction.

Woolly Ridge

My two most recent projects include performing live VR art with the Houston Symphony and painting 2 litter prevention themed murals with partner Sarah Farah on a bridge over the San Marcos River.

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