Wolf Garden combines rock and electronic music to create his own unique sound.

His motto is “Contemplate Infinity.”

We interviewed Wolf Garden for Issue 21 “Be Cause,” to learn more about the journey that lead him to release his first record, Sex in Andromeda. You can also see his paintings in our previous Artists to Watch article.

When did you start making music?

Music has always been a part of my life from a young age. The first song I remember creating was at 10 or 11. My cousin still remembers the lyrics.

The songs were a cappella with the focus on lyrics and harmony. I started playing harmonica at 12 and guitar at 13. Now it’s a mixture of that and electronic music.

I was raised in Argentina until I was 15. The first years I moved to the US, made me focus a lot more on my art because I felt alone.

You have to learn a whole new culture. It took me a while to open up and start adapting. That first year was a lot of introspection.

Why do you make music?

For me, music is a natural impulse. I feel a calling to be doing it. Like breathing, it’s not something I plan. Creating beauty out of so much chaos motivates me a lot in art and music. I’m trying to materialize spirit.

“We will dance until the dark side burns to light.”

Who do you want to inspire?

I would love to inspire those people that feel limited in any way. What I like about electronic music is that it has the power to make people move. Rock has the power to break through certain limits. So the combination of both inspires others to feel more free.

What message are you sharing?

With my music I’m a little bit more here, down to Earth, than with my fine art. It has the same purpose, to transcend through our emotions. The word freedom comes to mind. To make us all live a better life.

What song reflects your message?

Sex in Andromeda is that fusion of rock and electronic music that I’ve wanted to try for so long. That’s where my path will continue to flow. The lyrics contain some dark, but they have a lot of light in the end.

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