Ciara Cera’s colorful and intricate paintings featured in Issue 21 are snapshots of the overstimulation of life.

As a native Austinite, she feels a deep connection to the city.

Ciara uses the landscape surrounding her to inspire her pieces, trying to transform the advertisements and signs plastered all over the city into beautiful scenes.

It’s her way of finding meaning in the chaos, and creating worlds that are uniquely her own.

Photo credit: Joey Cruz

My paintings are large, colorful, and have their own presence.

I create to reflect my inner state and process my life so far as I am still coming of age. It has taught me endless principles and philosophies like the importance of foundation, diligence, and how to build off the cards you’ve been dealt.

Seeing my paintings start from the faintest idea to a realized body of work is all-consuming and satisfying, and it’s what I was made to do. I have just begun profiting off my paintings and already learned a great deal about business.

I want to show people that even with a minimal amount of resources to start out with, modern technology gives you the opportunity to live your life anyway you want.

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