Manni Mora finds inspiration for his colorful paintings in everyday objects and pop culture figures.

He strives to paint with emotion, so that his art reflects the real life experiences that we humans share.

Manni also dedicates portions of proceeds from his art to charities, an endeavor we wanted to highlight as a part of our “Be Cause” theme in Issue 21.

Photo credit: Manni Mora

Art is beauty that changes the world.

While I enjoy creating art for art’s sake, a major motivation for my work is charity, as I have dedicated portions of all proceeds from each commission to various organizations, including the Central Texas Food Bank, the Trevor Project, and the D. Wood Foundation.

My piece, “Suicide Note: Rebirth,” is a part of my series Evolution of Empathy.

Suicide Note: Rebirth

In my teen years, I tried to take my own life. A lot of factors played a part in that. Thankfully, though, I had a great support system of friends and family that never gave up on me. Not many people are fortunate enough to have someone to reach out to. This painting is my closure on a difficult chapter of my life. The background consists of my torn-up suicide note painted in watercolor. While this painting is deeply personal, it also speaks to issues of mental health in general. I hope anyone who is struggling finds peace within themselves.

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