Photographer Natassia Wilde focuses on light and composition when creating her colorful pieces.

She’s fascinated with how light can transform a space, and how a subtle shift of angle and framing can completely change a photograph.

Natassia shared her photography in Issue 21’s Artist Spotlight. Read more about her process and upcoming projects below.

Photo credit: Joey Cruz

Art is the visual expression of the human experience reflected back to the world. I believe my purpose in the world is to show my unique viewpoint captured through the camera lens.

When I snap a photo, I am working to capture the essence of a scene or an emotional experience; some integral piece of human psychology. It is so important for us to remember how we are all connected and how we all experience the same emotions even through vastly different experiences.

Don’t Touch Me

My art specifically is done in hopes of finding connection with others. I also work with Private Stock Art Gallery to spread the word about artists in the area and to help people from all walks of life to own art. Everyone can own original artworks and support artists in the process. We are all here for each other, and my work aims to fill in the mental gaps that have kept us apart.

I hope to help others relate to their world in new ways; ways that encourage connection to other people and our environment.

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