A college life drawing class set Tony Nguyen on a path to create stunning charcoal portraits.

After this class, Tony’s interest in the figure and studying anatomy through the lens of an artist grew.

Since 2013, Tony has been drawing and painting in Austin. Recently he’s decided to share more of his work. His feature in Issue 21 was a solid starting point and we can’t wait to see more!

Photo credit: Joey Cruz

For the past two years, I’ve participated in a program called Brushes with Cancer. It pairs artists with those whose lives have been touched by cancer to create an art piece that’s inspired by their journey.


Over the course of several months, the artists and inspirations connect and build relationships that culminate with a gala where the pieces are auctioned off to help fund creative programming for the organization.

Last year I was paired with a woman who won her battle with breast cancer. I created a piece, Motherhood, that was reflective of her journey as a mother and a survivor.

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