Need some new music?

We always do. Whether it’s discovering local artists to showcase in our upcoming events, browsing through Spotify to add to our on-going playlists, or just wanting to pump up the energy of our work sessions, we’re always on the hunt for emerging musicians.

Now we want to share some of our favorites with you. In this month’s edition of Artists to Hear, we’re highlighting five musicians who delve into all of the subgenres of rock n’ roll. From doom metal to folk, there’s music here for all rock lovers.

This is your chance to discover them as well, and add some new music to your repertoire.

1The Best Around

The Best Around is an indie alternative rock band from Austin, TX, that formed in the Spring of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to maintain social distancing, each member recorded their parts separately in their own homes. Rarely collaborating or discussing how the songs should turn out, instead files would just show up in inboxes allowing each member to decide what to add. Despite mixing up the order, this is how all their songs have been produced.

If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, we recommend checking out “Bitter Pill,” which premiered in September.

Their next single, “Who’s Going to Love Me Now?” is expected to be released on November 3rd. We got a sneak peek and we’ve been singing along to the chorus ever since.

@the_best_around_band | Website

2Joe Mach

You can hear Joe Mach’s soothing guitar and poetical lyrics in various venues around Austin. 

Joe reflected on his range of live shows and experiences when he reached out.

“I’ve been up on a jumbotron in silver tights and a bleached mohawk fronting a glam-pop band. I’ve yodeled at a yacht party with a cowboy hat, white rhinestone suit and matching boots. I’ve serenaded a ZOOM room full of recovering COVID-patients and left not a dry eye in the digital house. I’m a born entertainer and tender soul with a penchant for writing catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics and pop mysticism.”

Catch Joe’s next performance on November 13th at TreeGarden’s “We Speak for the Trees” show during the Austin Studio Tours.

@thejoemach | Website

3Into the Valley of Death

LA based metal band Into the Valley of Death creates an all-consuming experience with their psychedelic/low desert/doom metal.

Their debut EP Space Age was released last month and is packed with five songs that seamlessly melt into one another. It’s dark, heavy and a trip you’ll want to take.

The band suggests you “play it loud” and we don’t disagree. That seems like the best way to sink into this dark abyss of stoner metal excellence.

@intothevalleyofdeathmusic | Bandcamp

4Space Trayn

Space Trayn is a brand new funk-filled, soulful, jazz-meets-rock musical project out of Austin, TX.

The 4 song EP, Not So Fast, premiered this October, and kicks off with, “Smile.” It’s a perfect introduction into the lively adventure you’re about to take.

Space Trayn is the self-proclaimed “musical baby” brought to our ears by Jerome Vivino. He explains the concept behind the project and how his new method of recording resulted in this soulful fusion below.

“The concept behind Space Trayn is that it’s my goofy, funky, soulful, jazz-meets-rock project that’s supposed to be fun and make people happy. The lyrics are lighthearted yet insightful and intelligent. The music is simple, funky, and full of my classic rock guitar shreddiness.

I record all of the guitars and vocals in Austin, and then send the sessions to my Berklee alumni homies in Asheville, NC to have drums and bass recorded in their studio over there. I then re-record all the guitars/vocals at my house in order for them to be in better sync with the rhythm section. It’s a new method of recording for me, and has produced some interesting results.”


5Nether Hour

Nether Hour is bringing Gulf Coast rock n’ roll to Austin.

This high energy rock band first formed in 2018 during SXSW, and they’ve been jamming together ever since. In fact, they took advantage of their time in quarantine last year by moving in together to dive deep into songwriting.

This year, they emerged with numerous originals and hit the ground running by bringing their nuclear energy to their live shows.

If you want to experience this swamp soul rock n’ roll in person, keep up with their show schedule on Instagram.

@netherhour | Website

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