In Yara Erazo‘s recent collage, she revisited an old sketch and combined it with new materials.

In her own way, she’s giving life to the mundane, and utilizing materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Read more about Yara below and view her work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

I’m originally from San Antonio and used art school as a means of escaping TX in 2006. Turns out Sarasota, FL, wasn’t any cooler, but I started off as an Illustration major at Ringling College of Art and Design and later switched majors to Graphic Design. It wasn’t until 2011 that I dove back into seriously drawing for fun and practicing my technique of drawing hair.

How my piece fits into the “Something New” theme, is that I revisited an older drawing done on bristol board and decided to give it a new life by making it the base of a collage.

No Tengas Miedo

I’ve saved scrap papers–chopstick wrappers, envelopes, gift wrap–and used that to work with the layers of paint and additional colored ink and pencil.

The way I’ve repurposed material is, I’ve taken things that normally would immediately be tossed after their intended use and giving them a different way to exist.

I struggle with how wasteful our society has become but also can see the beauty in mundane things. I used to do these paint-over pages in my sketchbook when I felt like a page wasn’t so good, so rather than see it as a waste of space, I’d revisit the page and see what struck me to work with. This time, I decided to try applying that method in the form of a collage on a larger piece not attached to my sketchbook.

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