Are you ever tempted to touch the art hanging in a gallery? Now’s your chance!

Austin’s go-to guide for art, Almost Real Things, is collaborating with the art students from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and a group of professional Austin artists working with unique textures and mediums to bring you this one-of-a-kind experience.

Finally, you can touch all of the art on the walls!

We’re excited to curate a show that is accessible for everyone to experience art in their own way. The show will be exhibited until May 28th at our ART HQ Gallery.


ANGRY CLOUD>DESCENDChristina SmithDeLonéhanasaurusrexJ MuzaczLiza FishboneNatalie EarhartTabria Williford

Plus 21 Art Students from TSBVI: AJ + Alia C. + Aly H. + Azriel J. + Cole B. + Cora R. + Elly U. + Emily S. + Evan H. + Faith N. + Ilen V. + Jacob M. + Javier S. + Jazmin K. + Kanye + Khailou B. + Larry A. + Makayla + Mia + Michael F. + Yuki

Attendees love to touch! Photo by Generally Right Brained.


After visiting TSBVI in 2019 for their annual art WEST art show, I knew I wanted to partner with them for another exhibition. At the beginning of this year, I reached out to their Art Teacher, Gretchen Bettes, and we set a plan in motion to make our dream come true.

The goal of this show is to create a more accessible art exhibition that caters to all of the different ways people experience art. We’re doing that by removing the traditional physical barriers that many people encounter when visiting art shows and for the first time allowing everyone to touch the art on the walls.

For the past three months, the featured artists and I have been visiting the students at TSBVI, learning how they make and see art, and understanding how this can translate to a show where everyone feels welcome.

Touch the Art is meant to connect people to form a deeper bond and appreciation for everyone’s experience of art.

– Natalie Earhart, Co-founder of Almost Real Things

Viewing art by TSBVI students. Photo by Generally Right Brained.


  • Special guest DJ sets by HubbledvisionThereheis & jeanhorus
  • Audiofossil Interactive Exhibit by Dogbotic: Listen to extinct sounds from animals, environments and technology through this installation crafted with old rotary phones.
  • Textile Installation by Tori Christensen: Touch and feel Houston-based artist Tori Christensen’s fiber work from her exhibit “New Sight Through Touch” in honor of her brother who lost his sight at a young age.
  • Sensory plant-based tactile music installation by Mesmerize
  • Touch-specific tactile sculpture by TVheadATX
Experiencing large-scale cutouts by Angry Cloud. Photo by Generally Right Brained.



Touch the sculptures too! This one is by TVheadATX. Photo by Generally Right Brained.


Almost Real Things is a sponsored project of ArtUs Co 501(c)3 and operates under their nonprofit status.

It’s always a party at ART HQ! Photo by Generally Right Brained.

Join us at our next ART experience: In Good Time by Erik Ross.

Erik Ross (@erk_ross on Instagram) is finishing up 30 new pieces for his first-ever solo show, combining acrylics, aerosols and ink to transform his doodles into structured, abstract reflections of his experience in daily life. It’s more than a gallery show—vendors, live music, activities and more!


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