Anxiety Land by Lauren Cohen, Illustrated by Alex Doty

Anxiety Land: The Game of Pursuing Your Passion

So you want to pursue a passion project but you're stuck in anxiety mode. Your guts and your heart are ready to make things happen, but your brain...
Easy & Delicious Recipes - Home Cooked Meals are More Fun and Nutritious by Maria Teresa Johnson, Health Coach: N3 Nena's Natural Nutrition

Easy & Delicious Recipes

Home cooked meals are more fun and nutritious! Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of...

Parallel Assimilations by Amanda Staples

Parallel Assimilations This chance-derived 35mm film series combines double exposures between the artist and collaborating photographers. The spontaneous results capture the dynamic between the individuals...
Almost Real Things We Got Issues Celebration: 06 Art & Music Showcase Launch Party

We Got Issues Celebration: 06 Art & Music Showcase

FREE RSVP: Facebook or Eventbrite We have issues... and we can't wait to share them with you! We're celebrating the shiny new Almost Real Things Issue 06...
Euphoria Festival 2017 - Silent Disco

Art & Activities at Euphoria Festival 2017

EUPHORIA MUSIC FESTIVAL IS THIS WEEK! For the past six years Euphoria Festival has been building a music-loving, art-appreciating, eco-conscious community and we're excited to...
Euphoria Festival 2017 - Ecophoria

Festival Sustainability and Art with Ecophoria

Ecophoria is Euphoria's sustainability initiative, including a partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Permaculture Guild. We love music festivals so we were...
Thai Fresh - The Stress Free Alternative To Tipping

The Stress Free Alternative to Tipping

Imagine a world where servers were paid enough to take pride in their job without pandering for precious tip money to survive? Imagine a society...
A Stack of Inspiration by Demi Anter

A Stack of Inspiration by Demi Anter

To help me write my film, I'm using a technique that involves writing ideas on note cards: lines of dialogue, images, locations—anything inspiring. Then when...

Euphoria Festival Announces Lineup-by-Day: April 6-9

Following a tantalizing series of lineup announcements Euphoria Festival has finally released their lineup-by-day! Additionally, Euphoria has announced the artists for their Thursday night Pre-Party exclusive to...


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