Inside Art Garage with Joel Ganucheau

Inside Austin Art Garage with Joel Ganucheau

"Art has been in my bones since I was a boy," shares Joel Ganucheau, painter and co-owner of Austin Art Garage. Since then art has been...
Painter and Illustrator Lena Martin: Hops & Grain

Helena Martin and the Visual Power of Emotion

"The most important theme in all my drawings, paintings and murals is emotions. Often this leads to fairly abrasive or unsettling subject matter. I find...
BLVD, Street Artist, Painter, and Muralist

Don’t Overthink It with Austin’s BLVD

Evolving. Whimsical. Personal. If you've ever seen the elusive blue teddy bear amongst the streets of Austin, TX, you've seen the larger than life work...
Emree Weaver: Photographer. Interview by Marque Blackman.

Making Memories with Emree Weaver

Words: Marque Blackman Hotel Van Zandt has a crowded cocktail lounge on Friday nights, but an endless barrage of shoulder bumping wasn’t enough to deter...
10 Things Every Street Artist Should Have by Zuzu Perkal and Random Direction

10 Things Every Street Artist Should Have

Here's the list in text format for you to copy, paste, and never forget: 10 Things Every Street Artist Should Have An escape route. A...
Euphoria Festival 2017 - Ecophoria

Festival Sustainability and Art with Ecophoria

Ecophoria is Euphoria's sustainability initiative, including a partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Permaculture Guild. We love music festivals so we were...
Creative Intentions with Gage Kelsey: Home Intuition

Creative Intentions with Gage Kelsey

Austin artist Gage Kelsey never stops creating. Luckily, we squeezed in a little time to ask about his artistic process. Do you have any routines...

Explore Austin Street Murals with SprATX

We sat down with Molly Maroney and Heath Speakman of Austin's own SprATX following their Impossible Walls Project to talk Austin street murals, mantras...
Sarah Frankie Linder: "On the Bright Side" at Modern Rocks Gallery Austin

Capturing Rock Photography in a Different Dimension

As ACL approaches, there is no doubt that there will be endless opportunities for photo-worthy moments. Festival goers will relentlessly wave their phones (and...
Katie Ryan - Telescopic Viewer

Surreal Paintings by Katie Ryan

Local Austin artist, Katie Ryan, draws her inspiration from the world around her. She describes her paintings as imaginative illustrations of travel, nature and...


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