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Discover new artists by browsing through our recommendations for Artists to Watch. This section is comprised of visual submissions we've received from all over the globe.

Top 10 Artists to Watch: July 2018

Lucky for the world, there is no lack of creativity around us. We receive tons of submissions every month, and instead of hoarding all...

Top 10 Artists to Watch: September 2018

We took a little siesta in August, but now we're back to highlight some of the beautiful and unique submissions we received. There are...

Top 10 Artists to Watch: December 2018

2018 is coming to a close but lucky for you there are still plenty of talented artists to follow in the new year. This month,...

Top 10 Artists to Watch: October 2018

No matter what happens in the world, we will always have art. Our creativity can console us, motivate us, heal us and empower us. That...


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