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Explore our sonic insights, tips, and interviews with up-and-coming musicians.

The Musical Cookbook feat. Cloudchord

Cloudchord shares his “secret recipe” for a great track within his scene. It’s less about the formula and more about the tools and workflow...

Rock Out to the New EP from LIP

It's a new year which means new music! One band that should definitely be on your playlist in 2018 is LIP, an awesome new contemporary...

Modular Synthesis with Chad Allen of Switched On

The modular synthesis system we used is a Make Noise Shared System (Black and Gold Edition) with a few modules missing. CHAD ALLEN Switched On, Austin Synthesizer...

Colorized Visual Songs by Zachary Zulch

As a producer I find myself wondering about the best way to arrange my track. Different arrangements reveal certain emotions that should play into...


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