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Explore our sonic insights, tips, and interviews with up-and-coming musicians.

Eagle l Stallion Believe in Multi-genre Music

With their newest EP "Reminiscence," Canadian duo Eagle l Stallion attempt to bring their heavy rock influence to the electronic music scene. Their goal is to...

Folk Trio “The Furious Seasons” Look West for Inspiration

They are not done yet, not by a longshot. The Furious Seasons say it best in their new song “Longshot” as they continue to...

The Cookbook with Trupica

Welcome to the first episode of The Cookbook with Austin producer Trupica. The Cookbook is where music producers share their “secret recipe” for a great...

Colorized Visual Songs by Zachary Zulch

As a producer I find myself wondering about the best way to arrange my track. Different arrangements reveal certain emotions that should play into...


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