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Our Almost Real Things Spotlight is composed of submissions from talented up-and-coming artists, local businesses, and entrepreneurs. Whether they’re students, after-hours-artists, or just trying something new, these creative designers, poets, musicians and more are tirelessly pushing their art form forward.

Futuristic Conceptual Illustrations by Tambout Naguer

Artist, Conceptual Designer, and Illustrator Tambout Naguer caught our eye with his inspiringly future-facing digital art. He daytimes in the New York fashion industry but by night he transforms...

Illustrations by Paul Washington

Graphic Designer and Illustrator Paul Washington has been keeping us entertained with these impressively intricate stipple doodles. Each is a cute, quirky, and comedic masterpiece, beginning with...

Things I Blame by Natalie Earhart

This poem was contributed by our very own Artist, Writer, and Namer of Things, Natalie Earhart. Check out her work as a professional artist on...

Stupid Smile by Demi Anter

This poem was contributed by artist, writer and cat lover Demi Anter. View more of her work and her awesome products on Proxy Shop.   Stupid Smile I prefer...
Betch Tease with Tessa Renee

Betch Tease with Tessa Renee

World renowned fashion designer Tessa Renee has been causing quite a stir with her new fashion line targeted at teens, tweens, twenties, and hunnies....

Adult Infancy by Katie Edwards

These wonderful anecdotes were contributed by artist and writer Katie Edwards. Want more? Visit her blog at Katie Awkwards. She doesn't disappoint.   INJECTIONS Shots will still be painful, but...


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