The most "Almost Real" elements of Almost Real Things. Or are they...?

Exercise Freely

Exercise Freely

Get a muscle toning workout without hitting the  gym or purchasing any new equipment. Here are a few free ways to exercise by doing simple...
Facebook's Current State of Affairs

Facebook’s Current State of Affairs

Don't ever let anyone tell you Facebook isn't a legitimate news source. With all the incredibly interesting stories, motivational advice, tantalizing targeted ads, and trending trends, it is...
Colorized Visual Songs by Zachary Zulch

Colorized Visual Songs by Zachary Zulch

As a producer I find myself wondering about the best way to arrange my track. Different arrangements reveal certain emotions that should play into...
Nomenclature Animalia Puns

Nomenclature Animalia: Celebrity Animal Puns

Naming pets (and random animals) can be difficult. They'll live their entire lives chained to whichever string of letters you decide. And we all know...
Express Your Opinion: gross. - Almost Real Things

Express Your Opinion: The gross Sticker

Every day we’re bombarded with thousands of ads and promotions competing for our unconsenting attention. These companies and organizations are easily able to pay...
Free Stuff - Almost Real Things

Free Stuff

Do you need it? Ehh. Do you want it? Maybe. Will you take it? Yes. Because it's free. It got us thinking—at times when people...
Hygienic Memory Cleanse - Ars Electronica

Hygienic Memory Cleanse Promises Second Chances

During Monday’s press conference, head HMC Labs scientist, Rafal Sahanujan, assured attendees that “the preservation of life and a morally sound society is our...
GCTV - Hlundgaard

GCTV Increases Safety and Convenience from Home

This month, the United Kingdom has unveiled plans to increase the extensive CCTV network into the residential space. In order to more effectively communicate with...
Ultimate Life Bingo

One Bingo Game to Rule Them All: Ultimate Life Bingo

Print this board out, share with your friends, and play across your lifetime! Make your predictions by filling in every other square with the names of...


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