The most "Almost Real" elements of Almost Real Things. Or are they...?

Rescored: An Updated Soundtrack for Titanic

Rescored: An Updated Soundtrack for Titanic

I constantly find myself muting the sound to movies, television shows, and home videos while blasting my own music that fits perfectly. A song...
Bernie Sanders - AFGE

Bernie Sanders Lacks Big Money, Ethnic Features

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders expresses disdain over lack of big money donations. “It’s pretty unfair that the rest of these guys get both funding and...

Doodler’s Pair-a-Dice

Practice your doodling skills with this DIY pair of dice! With an incredible 36 combinations, you'll have plenty of ideas to choose from. Tag us...
Act Like You Know - Almost Real Things

Act Like You Know

Whether trying to impress your new hip co-op friends (Andrew) or interviewing for a Craigslist job, these simple talking points are guaranteed to make...
Facebook's Current State of Affairs

Facebook’s Current State of Affairs

Don't ever let anyone tell you Facebook isn't a legitimate news source. With all the incredibly interesting stories, motivational advice, tantalizing targeted ads, and trending trends, it is...

The Perks of Having No Money

Experiment with food you've been saving for a natural disaster A bowl of Cheerios for dinner is sad, but a bowl of salad with homemade...
Free Stuff - Almost Real Things

Free Stuff

Do you need it? Ehh. Do you want it? Maybe. Will you take it? Yes. Because it's free. It got us thinking—at times when people...
Cheese & Wine Pairings

Cheese and Wine Pairings

Our team of professional on staff sommeliers have put together an incredible selection of cheese pun and wine pairings for your next upscale dinner party...
Lit Language Sticker Pack Issue 14 Game


Hey Fam! Ready for a game? Lit Language will test your knowledge of generational slang from the past few decades. Draw a line to each...
Hygienic Memory Cleanse - Ars Electronica

Hygienic Memory Cleanse Promises Second Chances

During Monday’s press conference, head HMC Labs scientist, Rafal Sahanujan, assured attendees that “the preservation of life and a morally sound society is our...


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