The most "Almost Real" elements of Almost Real Things. Or are they...?

Drinks by Genre: Funky Mary (Funk Music Drink) - Drinks based on music

Drinks by Genre

Drink while you listen. Words: Mahsa Madani Drinking is fun. Music is life. Let's combine them with these 100% original drink recipes based on music that...
Bernie Sanders - AFGE

Bernie Sanders Lacks Big Money, Ethnic Features

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders expresses disdain over lack of big money donations. “It’s pretty unfair that the rest of these guys get both funding and...
Act Like You Know - Almost Real Things

Act Like You Know

Whether trying to impress your new hip co-op friends (Andrew) or interviewing for a Craigslist job, these simple talking points are guaranteed to make...
Modular Synthesis with Chad Allen of Switched On Music Electronics, Austin

Modular Synthesis with Chad Allen of Switched On

The modular synthesis system we used is a Make Noise Shared System (Black and Gold Edition) with a few modules missing. CHAD ALLEN Switched On, Austin Synthesizer...
Work Less, Good by Bronson Rathbone

Work Less, Good by Bronson Rathbone

To my former boss who told me to “Work less good.” First of all, your grammar sucks. What do you mean? I had to...
Ultimate Life Bingo

One Bingo Game to Rule Them All: Ultimate Life Bingo

Print this board out, share with your friends, and play across your lifetime! Make your predictions by filling in every other square with the names of...
Rescored: An Updated Soundtrack for Titanic

Rescored: An Updated Soundtrack for Titanic

I constantly find myself muting the sound to movies, television shows, and home videos while blasting my own music that fits perfectly. A song...

Doodler’s Pair-a-Dice

Practice your doodling skills with this DIY pair of dice! With an incredible 36 combinations, you'll have plenty of ideas to choose from. Tag us...
Express Your Opinion: gross. - Almost Real Things

Express Your Opinion: The gross Sticker

Every day we’re bombarded with thousands of ads and promotions competing for our unconsenting attention. These companies and organizations are easily able to pay...


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