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In Almost Real Things Issue 21 we asked creators “why do you create, who do you want to inspire and what impact do you hope to make?”

Every so often that question comes crashing into my brain. I got a critique once that said I looked like I was “just going through the motions.” I was a cashier at a grocery store so it was a fair assessment but still. It stayed with me.

Now I make it a point to ask myself why I’m doing something. Even if there’s no big purpose behind it, there’s still a reason.

That’s what we explored in Issue 21 “Be Cause.” We asked contributors why they create, who they want to inspire and what impact they hope to make.

The “why” seems so personal at first. But after sharing, you realize how universal the feelings are. We create to express, to heal, to help.

Many contributors take their talent a step further, to advocate for a cause bigger than themselves. They prove that art is powerful and can make real change.

We started ART magazine to explore and share our own ideas. Now our purpose is to be that stepping stone for others.

So remember, don’t hesitate to ask yourself why. Why are you wearing pants today? Why are you reading this letter? Why are you rolling your eyes? Don’t roll your eyes at me!

Why? Be Cause I said so!

Almost Real Things Issue 21 “Be Cause” is an artzine packed with activities, music, artist spotlights, and community updates from our ART Club. This issue features work and interviews from 35 fantastic creators and organizations in and around Austin, TX.

Featured Artists

Mitch Albrecht, Rosemary Allen, Ciara Cera, Sadé Channell, Leah Chyma, Marcella Colavecchio, Joey Cruz, Eva Darling, Natalie Earhart, Javi Glz, Sarala Kasbe, Left/Right & You Us We Them, Loria Mendoza, Mista Mozes, Manni Mora, Brandon Munley, Tony Nguyen, Kitteh Noir, DeLoné Osby, Brian Phillips, POV Studio ATX, Primo the Alien, Maximo Quiroz, Vanessa Rae, Vanessa Rogers, Kelly Schafer, Matt Stanley, Mic Trey, Juan Villegas, David Wehmeyer, Natassia Wilde, Amanda Witucki: Secret Prezzie Project, Wolf Garden, Steve Yang: Art Bomb & Warrior Creations, Zachary Zulch.


Full color
52 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 9/16/2021

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