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Gage Kelsey, Live Painter and Designer

Gage Kelsey’s Funky Fresh Organic Visual Love

When I asked Gage to give some advice to aspiring artists he kept it simple: Just start. It sounds easy but it's often the hardest...
Painter and Illustrator Lena Martin: Hops & Grain

Helena Martin and the Visual Power of Emotion

"The most important theme in all my drawings, paintings and murals is emotions. Often this leads to fairly abrasive or unsettling subject matter. I find...

Explore Austin Street Murals with SprATX

We sat down with Molly Maroney and Heath Speakman of Austin's own SprATX following their Impossible Walls Project to talk Austin street murals, mantras...
YOUNGSONS "Live Free With Guys" at Co-Lab Projects' DEMO GALLERY

Co-Lab Projects’ DEMO GALLERY and YOUNGSONS: “Live Free with Guys”

If it isn't already apparent, we love art and all things creative, especially when collaboration and community events are involved. Co-Lab Projects is an...