A.R.T. is a product of collaboration.

Our purpose is to collect and distribute great ideas that might not otherwise be seen. It’s a cost-free way to express your creativity, giving you the opportunity to receive input and reach a wider audience.

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Issue 27 deadline TBA. But you can submit art all year-round!

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Almost Real Things Issue 26


When can I expect to hear back?

You can expect a response within a week, however if it takes two don’t take it personally.

Why haven’t I heard back?
  • You’re a robot.
  • You’re a human but you seem like a robot.
  • We forgot to set an away message and we’re currently “on vacation” and not procrastinating at all
  • You didn’t follow instructions. (Most popular!)

If none of these are true, two weeks have passed and you’re steps away from cursing ART on Congress Bridge while simultaneously throwing our magazines into the lake—stop, take a deep breath, and shoot a follow up email to [email protected].

Can I submit more than once?

Of course! Space is limited so it’s best if you submit to a theme that fits your work.

Do I keep the rights to my work?

You maintain all rights to your work and we act as a means of promotion. If we feature you, your work may appear in print, on our website, and/or our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How can I help my chances of getting featured?

We try our best to feature as many artists as we can, but we do get a lot of submissions. To help make these tough decisions, we prioritize artists in the Austin area, art on theme & ART Club members. It also helps to be responsive to emails and have nice photos!

What’s expected of me?

Almost Real Things is a collaborative project, so to get the most eyes on your work we need your help to spread the word.

We expect all contributors to: follow us, tag us in social posts and share your published feature. We also love it when you help us distribute print issues and attend/volunteer at our events. If you want the full Almost Real Things experience: check out our ART Club community. We’re focused on supporting and connecting with each other, plus you’ll get each magazine delivered to you!