Almost Real Things is a product of collaboration. Our purpose is to collect and distribute great ideas that might not otherwise be seen. It’s a cost-free way to express your creativity, giving you the opportunity to receive input and gain exposure.

We accept all types of contributions and encourage you to submit ideas for upcoming articles, as well as photos of your own work for a feature. When we say “articles” we don’t only mean formally written interviews. Browse through any issue and you’ll see activities, fake ads, satirical illustrations and made-up fitness routines, to name a few. If you have a great idea but don’t have the skills necessary to make it real, no problem. We have a large network of graphic designers, writers, illustrators and artists of all mediums to collaborate with.

Print Issue 18: Surreal // So Real

Deadline: April 27th, 2020

Note: online submissions are accepted anytime and are not restricted by this deadline

How to Submit

Please carefully follow the instructions below. All submissions should be emailed to for consideration.

Subject Line

Include your name and something that references what you’re sending. Keep it brief, this is no space for your life story.

Brief Introduction

Say hello, introduce yourself. Include your name, city and why you’re submitting. Submissions with no context at all will leave us wondering if you’re truly human.

Short Bio

Please limit to 2-3 sentences. Though we love reading about you, we want to focus on the work you’re creating. We’ll tell you if we need more.

Short Paragraph Explaining Your Work and Process

Please limit to 3-4 sentences. If your work is relevant to the theme, let us know how and why. For Issue 18 submissions, we’re looking for work that delves into fantasy, storytelling and your interpretation of reality. Give us background on the world that your work comes from—what does creating surreal work offer you?


Include your website and social media links.


Artist Spotlight submissions should:

  • Include 4-6 high res images (minimum 1425px for width) of your work, exported at maximum quality.
  • Include the titles of your pieces and the medium/materials.
  • Have photos attached to your email. Please do not include Dropbox links.
  • Note: any more than 6 images makes it difficult for our preoccupied brains to comprehend.

Written submissions like poetry or creative writing can be attached without photos.

Music/Video submissions should include links or audio attachments and a promotional photo.

For all other contributions, send a brief attachment explaining your idea.

That’s it! If you can’t remember the instructions try reading them aloud to yourself in a mirror. Or copy, paste and fill out the sections in your email.


The best way to format is by following the guide above. If you find yourself scrolling through trying to find the perfect typeface, stop right there. Use the default font in your email (unless it’s Comic Sans) and keep the type black. Save the excitement for your content, not the formatting.


When can I expect to hear back?

You can expect a response within a week, however if it takes two don’t take it personally. Please avoid sending multiple emails at all costs, unless it’s to provide only the most important of updates to your submission.

Why haven't I heard back?

You’re a robot.
You’re a human but you seem like a robot.
We forgot to set an away message and we’re currently deep in yet another marathon of The Office.
You didn’t follow instructions. (Most popular!)

If none of these are true, two weeks have passed and you’re steps away from cursing ART on Congress Bridge while simultaneously throwing our magazines into the lake—stop, take a deep breath, and shoot us a follow up email.

Can I submit more than once?

Of course! Print space is limited so if you’re already in a magazine, we’ll reserve space for you online.

Do I keep the rights to my work?

You maintain all rights to your work and we act as a means of promotion and will do everything in our power to feature you in print (we’ll send you a copy), on our website, and on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What are the differences between a print and web feature?

The print magazine is carefully curated on theme. This only comes out four times a year so the deadlines are strict and set three months before publication.

Web features, like our Top 10 Artists to Watch, rotate more frequently so this is perfect if you’re also promoting an event or new work.

If you follow instructions, you will be accepted as a contributor!

Visit our Artist Spotlight to see our contributors if you need inspiration.


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