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Welcome to Almost Real Things: your favorite magazine. Waste time in the most productive way possible with interesting information, illustrations, facts, art, and stories.

Almost Real Things is a space where all things that can exist, do exist. No reason necessary.

We are gathered here today to celebrate creative exploration and collaborate with people of a unified pursuit: improvement of life through doing. So do. Make. Create. There is no definition. There are no limits.

Enough philosophizing, let’s see some Almost Real Things.


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Zachary Zulch

Graphic Designer /
Producer / DJ.
Tropically confused.

Natalie Earhart

Arteest / Writer /
namer of things.


Issue 01: Demi Anter, James Butler, Katie Edwards, Graham Franciose, Spencer Huddleston, Wade Keusder, Tambout Naguer, Reluctant Hobo, Cathy Savage, Jason “Skippy” Shindler, Vandal, Paul Washington, Andrew Whited, Elisa Wikey, Ty Wilkins, Karen Woodward, Pardis Zand

Issue 02: Chad Allen, Demi Anter, Lauren Briere, Anissa Bryant, James Butler, Carissa Cornelius, Olivia Costanzo, Jeremy Earhart, Louis Eastman, Jon-Michael Frank, Matt Haghighi, Jenn Hassin, Patrick Hobbie, Ruthie Junto, Wade Keusder, Molly Maroney, Clark Meyer, Kellie Moore, Emily Morris, Tambout Naguer, Robert Page, Christy Pak, The Persona, Katie Ryan, Heath Speakman, Mylo Villanueva, Kate Wade

Issue 03: Tom Besson, Akki Brathwaite, Verity Conrad, Alex Doty, Austin Evers, Klaus Eyting, Hilary Fitzgerald, Becca Gordon, Matt Haghighi, Carol Hayman, Liz Hermanson, Inflatable Robot, Kelly Johnston, Gage Kelsey, Logan Lockett, Mahsa Madani, Lena Martin, Avery Orendorf, Julie Peleaz, Zuzu Perkal, Ami Plasse, Amanda Staples, Kristen Van Patten

Issue 04: Jason Ake, Chad Allen, BLVD, Akki Brathwaite, Joel Ganucheau, Marissa Gravett, Nima Jalali, Ty James, Wade Keusder, Sarah Frankie Linder, Nikki Llorca, Clark Meyer, Jason Napolitano, Jessica Pearson, Laura Penney, Zuzu Perkal, Random Direction, Steven Walker

Issue 05: Alessia Meola, Alex Doty, Andrew Parsons, Borja Cabada, Brian Stokes, Carmen Garza, Chad Allen, Dave Thomas, David Lamplugh, Emily Morris, Emree Weaver, Flip Solomon, Gage Kelsey, Gert Johan Manschot, Ghost Van Gogh, Ian Sells, IGAustinTexas, Jam Sanichat, Javier Gonzales, Jessica Pisani, Josette Jellison, Josh Watson, Lauren Cohen, Maria Teresa, Marque Blackman, Natalie Gomez, Travis Ratcliff, Victoria O’Dell, Wade Keusder, Yung Wall Street, Zoe Smurr

Issue 06 “Chance”Abby Fine, Akki Brathwaite, Andres Alvarez, Bianca Torres, BLUE731, Chad Allen, Chris Long, Far & Few, fuvk, Gage Kelsey, Hallie Rae Ward, Janna Sammon, Jason Napolitano, Joel Greatbatch, Katie Edwards, Kelly Gray, Kimberly Flores, Laura Penney, Lauren Cohen, LEFT&14th, Lisa Belcher, Loc Huynh, Madhu Basu, Matt Stanley, Michelle Wanhala, Miles Starkey, Polly Morwood, Stellar Roz

Issue 07 “Fail Well”: Akki Brathwaite, Amar A. Gupta, Angelica Raquel, Becca Gordon, Cable Gvyz, Chloe Lowrey, Cloudchord, Demi Anter, Eric Massey, Eugene Stetz, Growl, J Muzacz, Jared Moore, Jason Napolitano, Joel Greatbatch, Jonathan Garza, Keith Manlove, LEWYV, Lindsay Smith, Lorelei Linklater, Martin J. Lewis, Mike Madden, Nathan and Benny, Nikki Llorca, Random Direction, Steven Sluyter, Shad Haigwood, Sid Buckler, Stephanie Vu, T.J. Wendel, Tim Ochsenreither