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ART Issue 09


Experience the creative “Dream State” within Almost Real Things Issue 09—an artzine packed with food, fashion, music, interviews, and artist spotlights. This issue features work and interviews from 36 fantastic creatives.

Featured Artists
Julia Zipporah, Zander, Gizem Yilmicak, Juan Villegas, Vacuum Repair, Carl Smith, Steven Sluyter, Claire Sheehan, Cierra Rowe, Fabian Rey, Tim Ochsenreither, Christina Nguyen, MacKenzie Miller, Nicholas McCann, Tiffany Lemieux, Erika Leal, Isra Khan, Wade Keusder, Nina Ho, Christian Hernandez, Sarah Henderson, Moby Hayat, Dane Gudde, The Ghost, Paulina Fricke, Vince Fraser, Flite, Liza Fishbone, Claudia Durand, Alex Doty, Liz Deering, Shannon Boxell, Cody Blazek, Nanu Berks, Itamar Benitez, Lisa Belcher

Full color
60 pages of fun and inspiration
4.5″ x 6″ pocket size format
Release date: 1/01/2018

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