Virtual Vacation 01:
Relive Our Maiden Voyage

On behalf of Almost Real Things and the entire crew, thank you for traveling with us.

On Saturday, November 7th, 2020, we ventured to new lands and met 45+ creators who impressed and delighted. Relive your journey here and share their work with the world!

Live Musical Performances

Groove, vibe, dance and sing along to amazing performances by Dossey, Easy Compadre, Vision is Timeless collective and Uncommon People.


At Kwik Ice

Easy Compadre!

Featuring Mystica Fiora at Art Island

Easy Compadre! Inspiration Playlist

As promised, here’s a bangin’ collection of their influences

Uncommon People

At Kwik Ice

VTL: GuttaX2, N.O.B & Eddie Kane

Featuring Brittney & Mariah at Mesmerize


Seek new talents with two new workshops: Conversational Gibberish and Fashion Illustration.

Fashion Illustration

With stylish fashion artist Vogue Vignette

Conversational Gibberish

With world-renowned Lang-o-logist Elliot Liebman

Art & Community Spotlights

Find out what’s hot in the Austin art scene with short stories by some of our favorite artists and community organizations.

Kimono Fashion Show

By Red Moth Art at Art Island

Raasin Mcintosh & Kris San

Raasin in the Sun & Be The Change

Companion Box Design

By Ashley Metro and Kitteh Noir

DeLoné Osby

The Path to Art

Sapira Design

The Path to Art

Russell Brxwn

The Path to Art