If you’re looking for the next talented singer-songwriter to replace the Adele repeats on your Ipod, then Bitter’s Kiss might just be it. Born out of the talents of New Jersey native Chloe Baker, Bitter’s Kiss has served as a vehicle for Baker to express herself.

Upon first delving in to the musical diary of Bitter’s Kiss, aka the songs on her new record “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” the soothing melodies provide easy listening. The guitar chords are simple, with minimal instrumental accompaniment to serve as a platform for Baker’s powerful lyrics. The songs are catchy, which can draw you in at first, while what keeps you listening is Baker’s vocal talent. In her most recent track, “The Rope,” Baker recalls the suicide of her cousin. You can tell it is a darker song at first simply by the harmony. However as the song progresses, the lyrics express the need to find meaning in something in life, and to be aware of humanity’s fragility.

bitter's kiss promo

There is no doubt that Bitter’s Kiss is a musical talent, with pipes similar to Jayme Dee and Regina Spektor, but will her songs ever be more than diary entries? At the very least, she writes her own songs, which is admirable. However, they work for a specific audience alone. Bitter’s Kiss provides the perfect soundtrack for those wanting to listen to songs in their headphones alone in their room or on a melancholy walk outside. But what is the next step from here? I have no doubt that Baker has the musical and lyrically ability to keep recording beautiful songs. However, experimenting with a different genre or an upbeat remix from RAC might set the stage for Bitter’s Kiss to reach the audience that she deserves.

Listen to more from Bitter’s Kiss on her website.


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