British rock trio Tumbler have come a long way from “kitchen concerts” in the creation of their newest record entitled “Come to the Edge.”

The newest album includes 12 tracks created by each member as both collaborations and individually. As Tumbler emphasizes, “the most important music is the music you make yourself” which has inspired them to push the boundaries of their acoustic home-grown sound.

Tumbler approaches music as constant students, eager to learn more and change with every album. Throughout “Come to the Edge” you can hear both the progression and mix of sounds influenced by folk, rock and even pop music. The third song on the record, “Falling,” has a boy band quality to it. The vocals begin suddenly, mirroring the eagerness of a boy trying to prove his love. However for me, the pop detour makes the song sound a little too generic for multiple listens.

Black Sheep” takes a cue from recent Black Keys music, adding a more blues-rock feel and making Tumbler’s songs sound heavier than their prior acoustic attempts. My favorite song off of the album is “Sweetest Thing” because they do not seem to be trying so hard with it. The lyrics are more subtle, and the ambient tone makes it sound like it belongs on an independent film soundtrack.

Tumbler have retained their talent to make easy-going, listenable music worth sharing, but there is no telling where they go from here. They describe it as music that they sit around and play together, and it has the same feel when listening. They are still a young band, with an eagerness to create and experiment with new genres. As they write and record new tracks, they will naturally become more cohesive as a band and find a distinct sound.

Listen for yourself! Find the full album on Tumbler’s website.


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